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Comprehensive Dental Exams
Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. With the comprehensive dental exams at Signature Dental, we will know exactly how to ensure you have a fabulous and functional smile. Look out corn on the cob!
Dental Cleanings
Catch what faithful flossing and brushing miss. Keep your regularly scheduled appointments with Signature Dental, for thorough dental cleanings, and maintain your blindingly brilliant smile.
Dental Implants
Are your missing or false teeth preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods or exhibiting your bubbly personality? With dental implants, get teeth that look, feel, and function as well as healthy, natural teeth. Only you and Signature Dental will know the difference.
Pediatric Dentistry
Good dental habits and care should start long before all of those baby teeth make their first appearance. Signature Dental will keep your child's smile beautiful. With our attention to pain free dentistry and personal comfort, the smile will still be there when your child leaves the office.
When an accident, tooth decay, or gum disease takes casualties of your natural teeth, Signature Dental can help you get your smile back. Our dentures and partials are individually designed to look like your natural teeth.
Porcelain Veneers (Lumineers)
Are you tired of uneven, jagged or gaping teeth? With porcelain veneers Signature Dental can give you an awesome smile makeover. In as little as two visits, you will leave friends and family pondering the marvelous change in your appearance.
Was there no chance to get braces as a kid? No problem! With Invisalign, Signature Dental can help you achieve straight teeth without putting any curves into your personal or business life.
6 Month Braces
Do you want straight teeth, but do not want the process to last 2-3 years? With new techniques available, Signature Dental can give you wonderfully straight teeth in 6 months!
Teeth Whitening
Do you smoke, drink red wine, have a lot of caffeine, or are just prone to yellowing teeth? Why not let Signature Dental implement professional teeth whitening, for a radiant smile makeover in just one visit?
Root Canal Therapy
You have a tooth with a diseased nerve. Instead of enduring the pain and losing the tooth, Signature Dental can use root canal therapy to save the tooth in as little as one to three visits. Keep your teeth and keep your smile.
Oral Surgery
Did you know that only five percent of the populous has room in their mouth for wisdom teeth? Did you know living with jaw related problems is not necessary? Did you know dental implants can give you strong and functional permanent tooth replacements? With your comfort a priority, Signature Dental can use oral surgery to give you back a pain-free and gorgeous smile.
Crowns (caps)
When your tooth breaks down due to disease or an accident, the remains of your original tooth may be saved. With porcelain crowns, your tooth will look, feel, and function like your healthy teeth. Let Signature Dental restore your smile.
Do you have teeth that are missing due to an accident, disease or decay? Let Signature Dental give you your smile back with natural looking, feeling, and functional bridges. Let your effervescent personality shine with every laugh and smile.
Forget the old mercury based metal solutions to tooth decay. At Signature Dental, our fillings match the tint of the original tooth, and actually help discourage any new decay in the future, with proper oral hygiene, of course. Your teeth will be healthier and your smile will not advertise your dental work.
Have you had bad dental experiences in the past? Is the thought of dental work just too stressful for you or a loved one in your care? With sedation dentistry, Signature Dental will provide a comfortable, pain and stress free visit for any dental procedure. We do not take smiles, we restore them.